Mural Artist in Minneapolis. Commercial Artist, Residential Murals.

Commercial Murals

* Silo Murals

* Water Parks

* Office Buildings

* Bars Restaurants

* Rec Centers

* Casinos

Residential Murals

* Kitchens

* Kids Rooms

* Garage Doors

* Portrait work

* Party Rooms

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Portraits, Logo Design, Commercial Murals, Residential Artist

This site contains 100‘s of murals On My Gallery page. Check out my Animation page. On the Contact me page you can upload a photo of your project or wall to be designed. Just fill out the form. 

I Post my latest murals on My Blog Spot. So check that out.

The Paint type i use is Shur-Cryl. It is water based and rivals epoxy’s and solvent based paints.

Check out the enhancement i performed on the Kirby Puckett mural at Target Field

Take a look at my Website Designs. If you need a website just fill out the form and ill contact you.

Need a Sponsor?

  1. 1.Sponsors want there logo

clearly sean with high traffic

  1. 2.Ask your supplier to find a sponsor

  2. 3. Have the sponsor contact

Kyle at 612-325-1931

Find a Sponsor to help

pay for a mural

  1. 1.A sponsor will want their logo to be clearly seen, so choose a spot in a high traffic area.

  2. 2.Next, look to your suppliers to find a sponsor.

  3. 3.When you’ve found sponsor, contact Kyle at 612-325-1931.


You can send photos of the area at your convenience.  I will send them back to you with a design concept overlay.

There will most likely be revisions and then you and your sponsor will agree on a design. 

You will receive one free design concept

and revisions will be charged on an hourly basis.

So please be clear on what you would like to see on the wall.

I will then write the proposal and attach the final design.  

Mural Sponsers

Mural Locations

About the Artist

Kyle's work can be seen throughout the Twin Cities, including Downtown Minneapolis, Uptown, Target Field's Legends Club, the Hirshfields plant at Hwy 94 and Dowling and many restaurants including all Cowboy Jacks locations.  Kyle has a plethora of work in and around the Twin City metro area and nationally.  In 1996 his Malt Shop Mural won the Twin Cities Best Mural in the Mpls-St. Paul Magazine. 


Need a design?  Kyle's photoshop mural designs are amazing creations that will add a unique flavour to your business!

More About the Artist

Kyle’s latest creation was The Levee Park Silo Mural Project

featuring a 100 foot mural of the Red Wing Shoe

logo reaching 90 feet high on grain elevators in downtown Red Wing, Minnesota. 

In additional to murals, Kyle has done hundreds of portraits, like Mike Laskers kids.

Kyle’s experience is unprecedented. As a self taught muralist, Kyle has found many unique ways to

get good quality jobs done fast and efficiently. that he tailors to meet the needs of his clients.